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Providing Coding Education and Gaming Opportunities for Kids in Highlands Ranch Colorado

About Colorado Code Club

Professional Coding Instruction

Headquartered in Highlands Ranch, CO and bringing education opportunities to students in Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Parker and Castle Rock, we offer classes and summer camps at elementary schools, libraries and recreation centers throughout the Douglas County area. We are an independently owned and operated business serving the extracurricular educational needs of Colorado students since 2016. Whether your student is interested in our after school Scratch Coding Programs or our Scratch Coding and Minecraft Adventure Summer Camps, we guarantee they will learn valuable skills while having fun!

Our Mission

Here at Colorado Code Club we have made it our mission to provide excellent opportunities for kids to learn about technology and coding concepts while being creative, developing problem solving skills and having lots of fun.

Students learn to create their own video games, interactive art and animations using their own characters and self-derived scripts. Scratch coding opens up a world of opportunities for students and can offer them a user friendly, intuitive platform to build their skills on. Introduce your child to the exciting world of programming through Scratch!

Why Choose Colorado Code Club?

Colorado Code Club values our students and young learners and works hard to ensure their complete satisfaction. During every class experienced coding professionals will be there to guide students and answer their questions and to provide them with the best experience possible. We also offer an excellent student to teacher ratio with at least 1 teacher for every 6 studentsto ensure students get the one-on-one attention they need.

Our growing list of satisfied students can’t be wrong; Colorado Code Club is the number one source for quality training, expert advice and knowledgeable Scratch coding instruction in Colorado. Join us today and watch as your child’s imagination reaches new levels and their creativity becomes boundless.

Meet the Team

Sloane Weston

Sloane Weston - Founder

Sloane Weston is a professional Website Developer and has spent 3+ years providing custom built websites for clients as well as working ThemesForDesk, AvieTech, and companies programming custom designed support centers and websites. She is passionate about child development/ education and technology which is what lead her to start the Colorado Code Club and offer coding clubs to Elementary School students.


Izack Soto

Izack Soto

Mary Bateman

Mary Bateman

Kira Weston

Kira Weston