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Minecraft Club - Before and After School

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Join our exclusive Minecraft Server for the ultimate creative gaming experience! Collaborate with others to build your own town, participate in contests, play lots of mini-games and much more! Gamers will gain ongoing access to our one-of-a-kind world with full scale economy and custom add-ons and a "Minecraft Crafting" guidebook!


  • Must have a Java Edition PC/Mac Minecraft Account (can be purchased through us during registration or bought at
  • Must be between 7-11 years old (special exceptions can be made on a case by case basis)
  • Must know basics of using a computer (how to use a mouse, basic typing, etc…)

Minecraft Club Locations:


What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is an engaging, educational, and creative game. Think of it as Legos without the mess in your living room. Players place and break blocks in an infinite 3D environment. They must 'mine' for all the materials they need to live including 'crafting' tools, and the building blocks needed to create their spaces.

What is a Minecraft Server?
Normally, Minecraft is a single-player game. A server allows gamers to play and collaborate in the same world! Our server has been up and running for over 3 years and contains within it unique and custom functionality including the ability to have towns, shops, in-game player jobs and an economy. Enjoy discovering unique locations, characters, mini-games and much, much, more!

How is Minecraft Club different than your Minecraft Camps?
Minecraft Club, simply put, is a gaming club! Although we will be in the same world/server as we are in our summer camps, there will be no quests, storylines or characters. There will however be new functionality and custom abilities and in the club we’ll be building and expanding our City Town, playing mini-games and having fun contests!

We have a Xbox/Mobile/Tablet Minecraft account, will that work?
No, unfortunatly all students will need a Java Edition Minecraft account for PC/Mac in order to access our server and attend Minecraft Club.

Can I get a refund?
If your child isn't enjoying the club we will gladly see if there is anything we can do to improve their experience, however if not, we are happy to refund the cost of tuition for all remaining, unused sessions.

If there’s a snow day or school holiday where Minecraft Club gets canceled, will I still be charged for the class?
Absolutely not. If Minecraft Club is cancelled than a refund will be issued for that session.

Can I get a refund if my child is absent for a day?
Unfortunately if a child is absent for a reason that is not the fault of the school, weather or Colorado Code Club then a refund will not be available. However, all students are encouraged to make up the session at a different location. To schedule a make up session please contact us at 720-496-0755.

Have another question? Email us at